Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions or queries, please check our frequently asked questions below.

Amazing Attendance

Does it matter if my child misses a day of school?

The School Day

How is the school day structured at St Michael’s?


How often does the school gather for assembly?

Our connection with the Church

Does the school have much involvement with St Michael’s Church?

School uniform

Is it possible to buy the school uniform second hand or do I have to order everything online?

Short sleeved shirts

Why does my child need to wear a short sleeved shirt all year round?

School Colours

I’m not sure about other aspects of the uniform – like what colour coat, shoes and tights are allowed. Where can I find all the information in one place?

School Dinners

What is on the school dinner menu? Are the portion sizes big enough? How do I know if my child is eating what’s provided?

School photos

When will the school photos be taken during the academic year?

After school clubs

What clubs are on offer at the school? Are reception children allowed to join in?