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Topics in the Early Years are child centred.  This means that we use the children’s interests and fascinations to inform our planning and choose topics and themes which the children are interested in and motivated by.  Having a child centred approach to teaching means that the topics will vary from one year to the next, and may change frequently throughout the year; one topic may also last much longer than another.  For example a week based around the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar could last a week and lead onto more learning about healthy eating, days of the week, different types of minibeasts or life cycles depending on the children’s interests, which could them provide the children with several weeks of learning within the term.  We plan some topics for key dates and celebrations throughout the year, for example; Harvest time, Diwali, Bonfire Night, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Pancake Day and Easter, however some of these may last a few days and some may last 2 weeks.

Please share your child’s interests and achievements by completing a Wow sticker in the Year R classroom.



Humans including animals



Seasonal changes